How Pink and White Nails Revolutionized the World of Fashion!


Last updated 18th of September 2016
Pink and White Nails, also known as French nails, French manicure or French tips, are a simple nail enhancement style in which literally the base of the nail is a natural pink and the tips of the nail are a stark white. They were fist dubbed “The Natural Nail Look” and were created and popularized in 1975 when the founder and CEO of ORLY, Jeff Pink, had to come up with an artificial nail style that was extremely versatile and could be used with any clothing item and style. Jeff Pink did this by creating pink and white nails. When he visited a fashion runway show in Paris, models and fashion designers alike were so impressed by the style that in honor of them Jeff Pink renamed it the French manicure or commonly known as pink and white nails.

It is a design that has always been linked with class, elegance and style. The strong point about pink and white nails is that it aims to look natural. Pink and white nails are very much in style and have become more popular than ever. Despite its popularity there is a lot of misinformation about them.

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pink and white nails

Pink and White Nails – What are they exactly?

Many people misunderstand about what exactly pink and white nails are. There is a strong misconception that French nails are different from acrylic, gel or shellac nails and that they are in a class of their own. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are not better or worse than acrylic or gel nails. Why? Well pink and white nails are named as such because of their colors and nothing else. That is the reason for their nick name, pink and white nails. You can have the French manicure done in gel, acrylic, shellac or even solar nails (find out the shocking truth about solar nails!). The essence of it is that the nail base remains pink and the tips of the nail are a stark white. You don’t even have to have it on any acrylic or gel nails, you can take normal nail polish and apply it to your naked nail. If you keep reading on this guide will tell you exactly how to apply your own pink and white nails without having to visit a nail salon. Of course you’re allowed to add your own personal touch and taste.

How to apply Pink and White Nails

Normally when people have their nails done they will visit their local nail salon. This can get pricey as well as time-consuming and a lot of people prefer doing their nails in the peace of their own homes (peace being subjective here). If you are one of these people you have come to the right place.

If you want to do your pink and white nails with either acrylic nails, gel nails, shellac nails or even solar nails there are guides on how to apply acrylic nails or gel nails on your own in this website. Click on the highlighted texts above.

Things you will need:

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How to apply:

1. First of all you want to begin with a clean slate. Remove any old nail polish from your nails with nail polish remover (acetone) and a cotton ball. Dip the cotton ball into the nail polish remover (acetone) and use the cotton ball to scrub off the old nail polish.

2. For the next step you want to further prep your nails by pushing back the cuticles with the cuticle pusher. After that you want to buff your nails and make sure that they are smooth to touch. Make sure to wash any dust away.

3. Now you must apply a base coat to your nails and let it dry before moving on to the next step.

4. After the base coat has dried you want to cut the scotch tape in a shape that follows the natural curve of your nails tips. Place it along the edge of your nail tips where the skin stops touching your nail tip. If that doesn’t make sense keep reading the guide as the context will give you a clear picture or the video below will help clarify this point.

5. Now color the tips of your nails with the white nail polish (Hence the name french tips). Don’t worry about getting it along the nail tip perfectly as the rest of the nail that is not meant to be colored is protected by the scotch tape. Wait for it to thoroughly dry before moving on to the next step.

6. Remove the scotch tape and apply a clear top coat on all your nails. This will give your nails a finished and glossy look.

The YouTube link below shows an example of the above process.

How to maintain your new Pink and White Nails

This depends on what products you used during the application as well as how you use your nails (manual labor or office job). Environmental factors also play a vital role in how long your pink and white nails last as well as  how fast your nails grow. A general guide line for doing the above process is every two weeks or once a month but again this can radically change depending on the conditions your nails are exposed to.


For more information about pink and white nails click here and here or our acrylic nails  home page.

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