The Spin on Silk Wrap Nails

Last updated 18th of September 2016
Silk wrap nails are a fantastic artificial nail that looks much more natural than acrylic with less damage to the nail. They can be used to fix broken nails and strengthen healthy nails.Made from small pieces of silk-like material such as synthetic silk or fiberglass, silk wrap nails can be applied at a salon or at home. It is usually best to let the professionals do it once or twice before trying it at home. People without any experience may be too aggressive when filing the nail before application or use too much glue. These can weaken the natural nail defeating the purpose of using the wrap to strengthen the nails.Many people prefer silk wraps to acrylic nails for strengthening and lengthening nails. Silk wrap nails are thinner and give more flexibility. They allow the nail to breathe unlike acrylic nails. This is why fungus sometimes grows under acrylic nails.

silk wrap nails

How To Apply Silk Wrap Nails

  • To apply the silk wrap, the nail needs to be cleaned, so there is no dirt on the surface of the nail.

  • The nail is then buffered on top, so the wrap will adhere well. The wrap should be cut to fit the nail and then the adhesive is applied to fix the nail securely in place. When the nail is applied, it should be buffed again until the surface is smooth.

  • A color is brushed on the top of the wrap to make sure it stays in place. Silk wrapped nails can be manicured and polished in the same way as natural nails. The skin around the nail should be attended to, so it doesn’t grow onto the nail.

Wrap nails are not as strong as acrylic and may not be the best solution for broken or weak nails for people who do a lot of activities with their hands or have them submerged in water for long periods of time. They will come loose and fall off if they are underwater for a long time. Acetone will also dissolve silk wraps.

How To Remove Silk Wrap Nails

To remove the wraps, the nails can be soaked in some nail polish remover for two to three minutes. The wrap should come right off. If not, try again for two minutes. Once the wraps are off the hands should be washed well with warm, soapy water to remove the acetone. When they are dry, a good moisturizer should be applied to the hands and nails. Another way to remove the wraps is to fill a small bag with balls of cotton that have been soaked with acetone and keep the fingers in the bag for some time. When they are taken out of the bag, they can be gently rubbed with cuticle oil. The balls can also be taped over the fingernail.fiberglass nails

It is a good idea to have wraps removed by a professional nail technician. That way breathing the acetone vapors can be avoided. The natural nail should not be lifted or separated from the nail bed during application. This can leave a place for fungus to grow under the nail. The wrap should also not be simply pulled off because that can harm the natural nail. Silk wraps are a much kinder, gentler way to treat nails. The wrapping technique is all natural and there are non-toxic adhesives. People need not use harsh chemical nail treatments any more.

For more information on artificial nails and silk wrap nails check out these websites here and here.

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