23 Amazing Nail Art Designs Inspired by Pokemon Go 2018

Last updated on 1st of February 2018

For maximum enjoyment when viewing the Pokemon Nail Art 2016 I recommend you play the Pokemon Theme Song Below!

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1) Pika -Pi Pikachu Nail Art 

nail art pokemon go

You can get a pack of them here –

Just simply adorable, these cute Pikachus show off some of their cutest looks! What i’d give to have one in real life…I can only dream. This Pokemon nail art is starting off with a challenging one to replicate, excellent line work and a very steady hand! Props to the creator!

2) Growlithe – Rawr

One of the cutest and cuddliest Pokemon in the game with a growl in its name ( Hey that rhymed!). This one just requires a steady hand for the face and tail so there’s no way you can fail! … okay I’ll stop now.

3) Arbok – the sssnake Pokemon

Snakes always creeped me out, but this Arbok is kinda cool. I really like the color palette of Arbok, if purple is your thing then this is the Pokemon for you!

4) Pikachu Two

pokemon go nail art designs

If you want to learn how to these, here is a tutorial video

I can’t get enough of Pikachu, so here’s another great one I found. Just look at that nose and smile. This one is probably the simplest one to make so far, not a real challenge with minimal line work in this nail art.

5) Togepi Nail Art

Togepi has gotten into all sorts of shenanigans in the cartoons but has always been such a happy camper, such a cute smile with such small arms, adorable. This is the most challenging nail art so far, with a lot of line work. A steady hand is necessary if you want it looking good!

6) Chikorita

Why are all these Pokemon so cute!!! Definitely for you if green is your thing. Such a cute smile with those big bright eyes. Even though it’s so cute, it’s a little bit on the hard side with some multiple shading present on the leaves.

7) Sandshrew

If you love squares and bricks then you’ll love Sandshrew! Not the best line-work in the photo but I really love the idea of this Pokemon nail art.

8) Magikarp

Magikarp, one of the most clueless Pokemon around, just looking at that face makes me giggle a bit. Magikarp are actually the “Koi Fish” of the Pokemon world so you can expect the Red, White and Gold to be a great combination of colors! Once you finish painting it on it’ll just have that clueless look of “what am I doing here?”.

9) Jigglypuff

One of my favorite Pokemon, it’s pink, it’s fluffy, it’s round it can sing like an angel and it’s so cute. Pink is one of my favorite colors, I can’t help it. The Jigglypuff however doesn’t seem to be painted on with Nail Polish, it’s either drawn on with a nail pen or a water based tattoo or sticker. Points for improvisation on this nail art!

10) Tentacruel

Not one of the cutest Pokemon but still a very cool design. I love it! The line work is always the hardest part but filling up the areas between the lines is one of the most satisfying things about nail art.

11) Slowpoke

As the name suggests this guy is one of the laziest Pokemon around, and quite clueless too. But I’m a sucker for Pink so it’s gotta be on the list!

12) Charizard

Now we’re moving away from the cute into some more cool and serious Pokemon, the flames and Charizard’s head are all we see, probably from all the destruction it left behind. No wonder it’s the most popular Pokemon in the world. This is the coolest Pokemon nail art I’ve seen so far!

13) Togepi 2

designs nail

Another Togepi cute design, I couldn’t help myself! Just look at that face. Some really good line work here too, I really like the Blue base instead of a white one, looks much more beautiful like that.

14) PokeBalls

Finally, the most classic Pokemon nail art design there is, PokeBalls! Very effective and eye popping design that is also very easy to make with some tape and minimal line work!

Tutorial for this design can be found right here!!!

15) Eeveelutions


I absolutely love cats, so it’s obvious that i’ll love Eevee and all its evolutions. I wish i could adopt them all and I wouldn’t even mind if i became a crazy cat lady. Each Eevee evolution has their own personality which has been shown through this artist’s amazingly steady hands! Even though i doubt that the eevees were made with nail polish they are still very beautiful to look at.

16) Pokemon Element Symbols

Has anyone collected any Pokemon cards when they were kids? ….No?…..Just me….? Well for all you nerds out there you’ll know exactly what this is then, it’s so nostalgic. Some great nail art here, just amazingly detailed with that steady hand, everything looks right!

17) Chinchou

This one’s in my all time top 5. Love love loooove the glitter in this nail art! It gives it such a unique and mysterious look since Chinchou is one of those deep sea Pokemon full of mystery. Very impressed with the ideas these artists have, i’m getting really inspired to make my own Pokemon Nail Art!

18) Arcanine + Pikachu

Absolutely love the detail that went into this! The poses and Pokemon all look right and perfect just like the cartoons. The sky blue gradient in the background also gives it a light, fluffy and happy feeling which I adore.

19) Pikachu + Pokeballs

Wow, those are some very small PokeBalls and Pikachus, respect. I don’t think i could pull off nail art so small without a lot of practice first! Love the design, the pattern is simple but so pretty. I have to say, out of all the ones I’ve seen so far, this is the one I’d be most likely to wear in public.

20) Piplup

More quick nails until I get used to things. Here’s lil Piplup 🐧

A photo posted by Janet Mendoza | Nail Art 💅 (@janet_m1) on

Hurray! More cute and fluffy Pokemon. I chose Piplup as my starter in Pokemon Pearl and I’ve never regretted it. Such a small cutie, who doesn’t love Penguins??? The line-work is probably the best I’ve seen on this list so far, but i’m kind of sad since Piplup has a happy face and this one is so serious. Still love the nail art design on this one though!

21)  Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander and Jigglypuff!

All my favorite cute Pokemon in one nail art design, all I can say is YES!

22) Chikorita, Torchic, Mudkip and Pikachu!

nail designs

Again, I can’t get enough of these, they are my favorites! I love seeing all my favorite Pokemon together on one hand!!!

23) Charizard Cool

acrylic nail designs

And now, the grand finale. I have been saving the best for last, as much as i love cute things i was just blown away by the coolness of this design. Best piece of Pokemon Nail Art i have seen so far. What’s cooler than seeing a Charizard fly across your fingers? Nothing!

I hope you enjoyed this article as much I did creating it!

Which one of these were your favorite? Have your tried any of these before? Let us know in the comments below. Like and Share your favorite ones.

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