11 Weird Things Nail Polish Colors Reveal About You!

Last updated 18th of September 2016
Whether is it green, blue or white find out below what your nail color of choice has to say about you. Be sure to share with friends and ask them if this is true about you!

1) White

white nail polish

You are pure, innocent and a naïve person with a strong essence purity and youthfulness. You are a person who sometimes strives for perfection in everyday life and activity, and are a person who longs for a simpler life.

2) Red

red nail polish

You are an extrovert, a person who loves to live life to the full with many desires. Usually you openly express yourself rarely holding back on showing your emotion, and also a person who is passionate, vigorous, quick to judge, impulsive and restless.

3) Pink

pink nail polish

You have all the qualities of red but toned down, you are loving and affectionate but less passionate. You are a person who loves to look good and glamorous while living a sheltered protected lifestyle who also wants to feel loved and secure. You love to get special treatment and are more fragile than the rest and have a gentle and charming aura that people love about you.

4) Purple

purple nail polish

You are a person who loves to be different and stick out from the crowd, you are also sensitive witty and a person with an artistic sense who tends to be sensitive, compassionate and understanding. You are a person who is very individual and who will strive to achieve any position of authority.

5) Blue

blue nail polish

Tranquil, compassionate, caring and sensitive are all the traits you have. Blue people tend to be patient, wise, sometimes shy and have a good amount of self-control. You are very faithful but tend to worry about a lot of things which cause you to be overly cautious and suspicious at times.

6) Turquoise

turquoise nail polish

Friendly and approachable yet complex and imaginative are all the things you are. You are also compassionate, caring and very empathetic speaking from your heart and sharing your deepest thoughts as you seek spiritual fulfilment in your daily life.

7) Green

green nail polish

You are harmonious, gentle, sincere and have a love for nature. You are very community-minded, very sociable and prefer peace above anything else but you have to be careful not to put yourself second all the time due to your caring compassionate nature. Due to your peaceful nature you are most likely going to be taken advantage of by others but you rise above.

8) Yellow

yellow nail polish

You are a happy, cheerful person who has a big imagination and is very adventurous, you are the kind of person people love to be around due to your cheerfulness. You prefer to lead a lifestyle free of responsibility without a care in the world instead of taking on responsibility. You are very impulsive in your thinking rather than taking things slowly step by step.

9) Orange

orange nail polish

You are very flamboyant and a fun person who is very sociable and approachable. You are the life of the party, and thrive on social contact. You are tolerant and accepting others for who they are and find it sometimes difficult to commit in relationships. You are restless and full of life always doing something somewhere who loves doing physical activity whether it is a walk or competitive sport.

10) Brown

brown nail polish

You are a very patient, solid and substantial person. You are very stable, conservative, reliable and not impulsive. You are a down-to-earth person who is friendly and approachable, you are also a loyal and trustworthy friend who love responsibly.

11) Black

brown nail color photo

Photo by >littleyiye<

You are a very dignified person who doesn’t feel the need to show anything off, you come off as a very sophisticated non-emotional person though you still feel uncomfortable around upper class people. You like to give off an appearance of mystery, but you also seem to suppress your desires which suggests there is more than meets the eye with you. You also take your life too seriously, and should try to colour things up a little to have more fun in your life.


Your Personality Color

Don’t forget to share with friends and ask them if this is true about you!

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