Why We Love Acrylic Nails

Last updated 4th of April 2018

So many girls love acrylic nails and who can blame them? They’re amazing! In the past few years, their popularity grew so much. That’s why so many people are expressing their creativity through acrylic nail designs. The designs have become crazy amazing, from sleek and minimalistic to crazy, colorful nails with rhinestones. The possibilities are practically endless. Just find a picture of the nail design you like and the nail artist will recreate it. But, if you’re more into DIYs, there are also excellent acrylic nail kits so that you can do it on your own. There are so many reasons why girls are obsessed with acrylic nails.

#1: Great For Those Who Bite Their Nails

Nail biting habit is really hard to break. But, there are few effective ways to solve that problem. One of the easiest solutions is having acrylic nails. During the manicure, the nail artist will also take care of your cuticles and the area around the nail. This can get rid of the damaged skin. Then, since it’s practically impossible to bite into acrylic nails, the habit will slowly go away.  This is the reason why so many girls who bite their nails absolutely adore acrylic nails.

#2: Hide Brittle Nails

nails acrylic

Having long healthy nails adds to your whole image. But, a lot of girls struggle with brittle nails that are prone to breaking. Girls with brittle nails also can’t have square shaped nails, because the nails break more easily if styled like that. Instead of natural square shaped nails, they can just pick one of the square shaped acrylic nails style from Having acrylic nails will also protect your nails from breaking. Acrylic nails themselves never break, so you won’t have to worry about that. When you wear acrylic nails for a longer period of time, your nails will grow underneath. So, when you remove the acrylic nails, you’ll have gorgeous and healthy nails.

#3: Low-effort But Long-lasting

how acrylic nails helpYes, gorgeous nails are something we all want to have, but it takes so much time and effort. That’s not the case with acrylic nails. While you have to reapply regular nail polish very frequently, acrylic nails can last up to one month. Imagine not having to worry about your nails for one whole month! You can have any nail design you want, and it will last for a really long time. How can you not love acrylic nails?

#4: Acrylics Have Become An Art Form

long nailsSome of the nail designs that nail artists create can straight up be considered as art. They put in so much effort and creativity into every nail design. They create different stunning patterns and great nail combinations, it’s amazing! Nowadays, it’s not only nail artists who are creative; everyone is trying to create their perfect nail designs. It’s really fun watching how many people come up with different styles.

#5: They’re Glamorous

pretty fake nailsOne thing about acrylics that fashionable women love is how glamorous they can look. Yes, you can do crazy things with acrylics, but you can make them look classy and elegant. There are many finishes you can choose to create a glamorous acrylic nail design: shimmer, glitter, iridescent, matte, duo chrome, multi chrome, glass-flecked. There are so many possibilities! Because of their glamorous look, many models and brides choose them for special occasions. Paired with minimalistic dresses and chic high heels, you can look like a million dollars!

Girls and women with various styles simply love acrylic nails. Why? Well, since acrylic nails are so versatile, of course, everyone has their reasons. Whether you’re just a busy person or you want to solve some issues with your nails, you can do that with acrylic nails. Just choose a nail design that appeals to you the most and go for it!

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